Misting Fans

Many applications require the use of high-pressure misting fans or other air moving solutions to effectively and efficiently distribute the cool air created through our evaporative cooling technologies. Koolfog offers the ideal combination – cooler air and efficient air circulation.Suited for dairies, equestrian facilities, warehouse cooling as well as restaurants, resorts, hotels, theme park productions and performance events, Koolfog’s misting fans combine the effective restorative method of evaporative cooling with heightened air movement. In hot and arid climates or sweltering times of the year, the potential for evaporation increases, as more heat is stored in the air. The more energy in the air (heat), the higher amount of water the air can absorb, or transfer from a liquid to a gas, respectively referred to as evaporative cooling. Because the energy (heat) is a catalyst to transform water from a liquid to a gas, the level of heat taken from the air is determined by the rate of evaporation. The less humid it is; the more hot it is; the greater the temperature can change simply by introducing atomized water particles into the atmosphere. Adding fans to this process expands the cooling power by circulating the cooler air that is produced as a result of high-pressure misting.

Koolfog misting fans are engineered for quality, durability and output. The market demand for fans in the United States has sacrificed quality for price. This strategy is appropriate for casual use applications where fans are operated infrequently or are not subjected to the stresses of the environment. Our fans are best-of breed and designed for light-duty commercial to continuous-use commercial, industrial or agricultural applications that demand maintenance free systems, large coverage areas or significant performance.

Portable Misting Fans

Koolfog’s Portable misting fans are configured to operate as fully contained standalone misting fans. Each portable misting fan is equipped with a 24” fan, stainless steel misting ring, Koolfog high-pressure pump and a durable polyethylene rolling cart with semi-pneumatic wheels for easy transportation. Portable misting fans can also be combined with multiple satellite fans to create a flexible and portable cooling system for large spaces. This option is perfect for outdoor events, amusement parks, warehouses, sporting arenas and more. You simply bring water to the unit and plug it in.

Wall, Pole, Ceiling Mount Misting Fans

Koolfog only supplies commercial and industrial grade fans. Available in 20 – 50″ our fans are considered best in class and built to withstand the addition of fog. All fans are corrosion resistant with severe duty motors and OSHA protected grills. Perfect for misting and perfect for operating in harsh environments. A variety of misting rings are available to fit any size and performance requirements.

Branded Fans

Koolfog’s Branded fans are equipped with an attractive polyethylene fan cover. These fans are offered in both oscillating and non-oscillating models and come standard with fan grills that meet OSHA standards for finger protection. Our Branded misting fans are often used in themed environments and other public areas where aesthetics and safety are important.

Koolfog’s polyethylene molded fan covers can be custom color-matched to your brand standards.